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         My podcast about Separation anxiety in dogs and the most effective and best way to training this. I'm Patricia Grechi, a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and Dog Behaviour and Training Consultant. All the information you'll find here is based on scientific studies and force and fear free methods. Listen to Separation anxiety dog podcast now in the links below.

I’m super excited today about having Malena DiMartini on the podcast. 
There’s not a better person to talk about SA than her. (As you can see I admire her a lot.) Malena is an expert on SA for 21 years now. She was the vanguard in this matter and wrote 2 books about separation anxiety: first one "Treating separation anxiety in dogs" and the new one "Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Next Generation in Treatment Protocols and Practice" which are the guides for trainers and guardians to work with those issues. She has a certification for trainers, which is the one I graduated from. This conversation was super insightful and if you feel like you know all about SA, now you’ll realise there’s much more to it!

What most move the needle in Separation Anxiety training when working from home? How to fit it into your schedule when working from home? Everyone works from home nowadays and this can't impact your SA training! The most asked question in my instagram atm is: "How do I train separation anxiety if I work home office? When someone ask me this, what they actually mean is: I'm very worried about me being close to my dog for a long period of time everyday. But does that impact in your training? How do we train SA when working from home?

Crate training isn't home alone training. But what is the role of the crate in the home alone training then? There's a lot advise out there (pet professionals included!!!!) about crate training for leaving dogs alone in the house and a huge amount of judgment when everything goes wrong using it and you don't persevere. Crate training is an amazing tool for puppies and might be incredible for some adult dogs. I love crates, believe me! But not for home alone training. Understand the down sides of it and how you can use them in your training!

Let's set the tone for this podcast by talking about what is separation anxiety and why, in my opinion, people see separation anxiety like a big monster that will eat you alive. Hopefully, by the end of this episode you'll feel like it's time to start training! happy!

Videos with step-by-step training be amazing!

The secret to understanding why your puppy whines when left

Do you know why your puppy whines when left? Everyone talks about separation anxiety, but is puppy whining the same as separation anxiety? First of all, when your puppy whines it's not necessarily separation anxiety. Why my puppy can't stop whining then? It seems obvious that it's because they don't want to be alone. But it's much more than that. Separation anxiety has lots of different classifications, but to be didactic and practical, let's use this concept: separation anxiety is when your dog learns that it's scary to be alone. And this is not what happens the first time we…

How to prevent separation anxiety in puppies

How to prevent separation anxiety in puppies I said to prevent, so it's clearly not for separation anxiety dogs. Neither to adult dogs who were never trained to be left. Careful! 8 things you can do to start this process: - Close the door when you go in the bathroom for a quick number 1. This way the puppy starts to understand you come and go it's not a big deal. - Never sneak out of the room when the puppy is not looking or is taking a nap. This will make the puppy very anxious about relaxing. If your…

Why we need to move on from these ideas of dominance in dogs, alpha males and pack leader bullsh*t.

Dominance in dogs, Alpha Males and Pack Leaders. Is it all bullsh*t? Theories around dogs displaying dominant or alpha characteristics can be very simply explained and thus are very popular. But this definitely doesn't mean they're true. I could give you thousands of reasons why we need to move on from these ideas of dominance, alpha males and pack leader bullsh*t. In every consultation, I find myself breaking down these misconceptions because people are either misled by professionals or simply get some bad advice from someone who also got some bad advice before them. Often these terms are used to…

Dogs and covid-19

What do we know about dogs and COVID-19? We still don't know much about how COVID-19 affects our dogs, but at least we know they don't get sick likes us when in contact with coronavirus. So, people say dogs can't transmit COVID-19. Is that true? Actually, a small number of animals around the world tested were positive for COVID-19 (have the defence sells to combat COVID-19), including cats. An article on The Nature Research Journal says that cats seem to be able to transmit COVID-19 to other cats, but they're not sure if they can transmit it to humans. The…

How to train your dog to be happy and obedient!

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