Separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs can look like peeing and pooing in the house, barking, whining, scratching the door and crate and destroying your stuff! I'm a Dog Behaviour and Training Consultant and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and I can help you to overcome this issue. Watch this video to understand how I can help you.

Research suggests 80% of dogs left home alone in the UK suffer from separation issues. (APBC, 2012)

Separation anxiety in dog is like...

- Inability to cope with being alone
- When the dog panics when is left alone
- An serious anxiety disorder 
- Extreme distress when they are separated from caregivers
- Distress about anticipating being away from loved ones
- When the dog experiences excessive fear concerning being separated to guardians 
- Mind and physical body reacting to being alone like it is a life or death situation
- Treatable disorder

Separation anxiety in dog isn't...

- Acting out of spite 
- Being spoiled
- Attachment issue 
- When the dog loves the guardian too much 
- Lack of obedience training 
- Insufficient/improper crate training 
- Manipulative behaviour
- Restricted to rescue dogs 
- Not having a pack leader 
- Lack of exercise 
- Something dogs grow out of
- Isn't fixed by getting another dog, medication or leaving radio on.

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Separation anxiety in dogs: Treatment

Forget puzzle dogs, kong, settling training, leaving the radio on and other
strategies that don't work. Focus on what really gives you results! 
Training is all online so I don't interfere in the dynamic of the house
and your dog shows the natural reaction. So I do training worldwide!

Individualised training for each dog! Adult dogs and puppies.
Dogs that get in panic and have huge reactions or dogs that were never left before. 

I gradually introduce your dog to being alone in the house by learning
about their body language and making sure your dog doesn't get in panic at any point.
Undesirable behaviours stop when the training starts!
No more barking, chewing or peeing when left. 


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1 consultation per week on Zoom with training exercise

20 training sessions - 5 per week - 1 on Zoom and 4 on Google Drive

Daily feedback on your training sessions 

4 weeks unlimited support on home alone behaviours


£118.70 per week - £475 per month

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