The exercises are perfect for:

who wants sleep without dogs barking/whining or having to sleep in the sofa

who wants their dog/puppy to pee in the garden/outdoors without mistake

who wants to make their dogs to be friendly to people and dogs and more comfortable living in the city

who wants reassurance that is doing the right thing and support from a Clinical Behaviourist in the process

Approved by 800+ dogs and humans:

Before Moving in exercises:

You're worried because your dog is skittish and avoid people and dogs

You feel tired because your dog barks at night so you sleep on the sofa

You feel lost and overwhelmed with the amount of contradictory advise

You can't cope with the biting and constant need for attention, so you loose your mind

You're insecure because you want to get everything right during socialisation and fear period

After Moving in exercises:

It feels good to have time for yourself again since training takes only 5min.

You feel fulfilled when play and cuddle your dog and has no bites

Your dog tells you they need to go toilet and goes in the right place

You feel productive at work while your dog nap for play alone

You're rested because your dog and you sleep through the night

You feel confident and see the results immediately

You're positive because your dog is happy and friendly approaching people and dogs

You always have company because can bring your well behaved dog along

The training works even if:

Your dog haven't arrived yet 

Your dog can't go out yet (waiting for jabs)

Your dog is adult and/or rescue

You're a first time dog parent

What you will get:

Certainty you're doing the right thing

Survival guide for first days 

Action plan for 4 weeks of training

Shopping list with discounts (average £60 saved)

Daily checks and support for 12 weeks while your dog adapts





"After we started the training, Percy has calmed down. We managed to keep him busy and communicate better with him. I'm very happy."

Jemma, Tom and Percy, the Shih-poo.

Pat Grechi

I'm a dog behaviour and training consultant since 2017. I'm a certified separation anxiety trainer and work with all sort of ugly behaviour issues you don't want to have. This is why I'm very passionate about getting things right from the start! After those 6 years of experience, I developed grouping training based on the newest scientific studies so you can achieve what you want.