Puppy online training


An online training that will guide you from day one, step by step, how to tackle all the puppy issues.

Do you feel lost and overwhelmed with all the conflicting information on the internet about puppy training?

Raising your puppy can be a dream or a nightmare.
But when you have a foolproof planthe right exercises and fear-free methods, you can sit back and enjoy the puppy phase without freaking out.
Tackle puppy issues like toilet training, socialisation, biting, how to leave the puppy alone, sleep time, how to get some time for yourself, organising puppies' space and more. Those skills will be useful for the rest of their life, so better to start now. 
Soon your dog will grow and the socialisation period will finish. Are you going to risk having aggression and excessive fear just for not doing socialisation in the right way?
The best way is to get professional help and be certain you're doing the best you can.

When Marvin first arrived at home

I've helped more than 700 dogs to overcome those and other problems

Puppy phase is the most important (and critic) period of they dog's life. 

- Behaviour problems are the most common reason for dogs under 2 years of age to be put to sleep by vets

- 130,000 dogs come into UK rehoming charities each year

- a recent study which filmed dogs remotely suggested that as many as 85% of dogs were anxious when left

49% of owners say that their dog shows behavioural signs of fear when they hear loud noises

over a fifth of over 14,5000 owners in a survey told researchers that their dog showed some signs of aggression (e.g. barking, lunging or growling) at other dogs when out for a walk


Easy-going puppy course will:

Diminish drastically the probability to be reactive with dogs or people

- Diminish chewing furniture and precious objects

- Less zoomies and play biting

- Increase the dog's capacity to learn

Less probability to suffer from separation anxiety

Decrease barking for attention

- Increase confidence and decrease anxiety

- Give you more time for yourself

You'll see the benefit of a good puppy training through the whole dog's life

Easy-going Puppy

What is it?

An online course that will guide you from day one, step by step, how to tackle all the puppy issues with only 5 min per day of training. In the end of 6 weeks, you'll have an errorless environment and a great relationship with your pup. This is all you need for a happy and obedient dog.

Is this the right fit for me?

This course is perfect for:
- first-time pawrents
- who had dogs before but want to get up to date with the new positive methods
- who wants to socialize the puppy well 
- people who want to train there puppy giving a lot of love, treats and no punishment.
- who is focused on results and want to set boundaries
- who is done with this "hit and miss" kind of training
- who needs to teach toilet training
- who wants to diminish puppy biting 
- who wants a calm and relaxed puppy
- who want to prevent separation anxiety issues
- who can is willing to put 5 min per day into training

"Puppy is a joy but can test nerves with relentless barking and separation anxiety. The training was fantastic. We are slowly implementing the suggestions and seeing benefits already."

Rachel J. and Winston, the cavapoo.

What you going to receive: 

- 7 Masterclass bite-sized with the most import info + handouts to help you in your training sessions
- 8 Bonus classes if you want to dive in the subject and learn more about it.
- 7 Training exercises you will practice 5min per day in total.  
- 1 Group on WhatsApp to chat with other members and exchange experiences. 
- Direct access to the trainer on WhatsApp when you upgrade to "Full support", where you can send videos and questions.
- Handouts, trackers, checklists and extra videos.

1. Introductions: What's positive dog training and how to use it
2. Bonus class: Perfect set up
3. Masterclass: The right way to socialize your puppy
4. Bonus class: Guidelines for exercise
5. Masterclass: Toilet training
6. Masterclass: Crate training
7. Bonus class: Sleeping Schedule
8. Masterclass: Biting
9. Bonus class: Recipes for itching teeth and treats
10. Masterclass: Mental stimulation
11. Bonus class: Best toys
12. Masterclass: Desensitisation harness/collar/lead
13. Masterclass: Leaving the puppy
14. Bonus class: False and True in Separation anxiety
15. Bonus class: Transferring the puppy from pads to grass

How is it going to work:

> As soon as you enrol, you'll receive an email confirmation and the login so you can access all the classes straight away.

> The classes are all uploaded in the platform so you can watch whenever you want. 

> After each class you'll have a practical training exercise. You can ask questions to me and the other dog parents in our community which is hosted in WhatsApp group.

> All the classes will be available for 1y in the platform.

"After we started the training, Percy has calmed down. We managed to keep him busy and communicate better with him. I'm very happy."

Jemma, Tom and Percy, the Shih-poo.